Guangxi Province Part II: Biking the Yangshou River Valley


Finding peace, quiet and open space in China is rather difficult.   I finally discovered my golden nugget in the area of the Yangshou River Valley.   This place radiates rural charm:  rice patties, dirt roads, fish farms, roaming water buffalo and ancient bridges that span waterways that were created hundreds of years before the Americas were even discovered by the West.  My finding was a much appreciated relief from tourist sites and white foreigners in the town proper of Yangshou.  In fact, I don’t think I ran into another Westerner for about 6 hours the day of my biking adventure.    Just my kind of trip.  DSC02731 (1280x960)

This little guy wants to get out there: DSC02722 (1280x960)

Rice patties and more rice patties and more rice patties: DSC02733 (1280x960)

Get off the road dude: DSC02832 (1280x960)

An untypically colorful house in the river valley:  DSC02737 (1280x960) DSC02748 (1280x960)

Bamboo rafts for the river trips: DSC02750 (1280x960)

And the Chinese armada is off!!!DSC02751 (1280x960)

Stay in the grass where you belong! DSC02756 (1280x960)

Exploring the countryside: DSC02758 (1280x960) DSC02760 (1280x960)

A local farmer: DSC02767 (1280x960)

How a Westerner should roll in China: DSC02776 (1280x960)

Peaceful spot on the bridge: DSC02777 (1280x960)DSC02778 (1280x960)  DSC02780 (1280x281)

More symmetry: DSC02783 (1280x960)

This is the starting point of the bamboo raft trips on the Yangshou:DSC02801 (1280x960)

They wash their veggies in the river.   I will be skipping salad tonight.DSC02804 (1280x960)

Nice getting lost out here:DSC02811 (1280x281)

Reminds me of Mariposa: DSC02812 (1280x960)

Trucks haul the bamboo rafts back to the starting point:   DSC02821 (1280x960)

My kind of place:

DSC02822 (1280x960)

Time to get off the road before sunset:

DSC02819 (1280x960)

2 thoughts on “Guangxi Province Part II: Biking the Yangshou River Valley

    1. Hi JPei.

      I can’t seem to get on WordPress without a VPN. I use a VPN for most all internet access in China. Chinese search engines absolutely suck and I’m amazed at how much is filtered out by the almighty overseers. I am happy to climb the great firewall every day.


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