Oh Land of Smiles, How I Missed You!!…. Thailand February 2015 – Part 1 of 5

Things just feel right in Thailand.  It is a combination of factors that perfectly align.  The sunny blue skies, the balmy weather of your imaginary beach-town, crystal clear waters, sand that massages your feet on beaches you can have all to yourself.  And then there is the food.  The succulent food.  Nothing tops Thai food in Thailand.  I have decided to swear off eating Thai food in China or the USA or anywhere else in the world until I am back on Thai soil.  It just isn’t the same anywhere else.  I’ll probably cave on this matter in a few months when my dreams of Thai food are too much handle in the confines of reality.

It was a late flight. A very late flight. Despite my hatred of Spring Airlines (for various reasons in which I won’t get into on this post), it was an on-time flight with no significant issues.   We head straight for Krabi at 0200.   With the smog and endless masses of Shanghai in our rear view mirror, it is time for peace and happiness to flourish….

Krabi is a chill little town.  After a nice short but quiet night of sleep, our journey begins.   All adventures must begin with proper nourishment.   We found it!  Pad Thai and noodle soup: essential staples in Thailand.   Except for one place we ate at over our twelve day, we have zero complaints about any of the food served in Thailand.   Everything was spectacular. Nice to be welcomed in Thailand like this:

DSC06424 (1280x853)DSC06426 (1280x853)

Before taking off to our first locale that morning, it is important to stock up on essential adventure gear….  like sunscreen…. and HATS.  We have our hats!

DSC06420 (1280x853)DSC06422 (1280x853)Krabi is going through this issue where some folks want to build a coal power plant to help with the increased demand of power.   I think a coal plant in this beautiful place would be a horrible idea, but I’m not a local and don’t know the full ins and outs of the issue.

DSC06389 (1280x853)

Our first journey was to Khao Sok National Park.  It is actually about 2 hours north of Krabi.  It is said to be the wettest spot in Thailand and one of the oldest rainforests on the Earth – 160 million years old.   We enjoyed our stay at “Our Jungle House” which is at the very far end of the dirt road (about 1.5 kilometers) from the small village center.   Perfect isolation and all you hear is the crickets at night.   I highly recommend coming to this area if you are planning a trip to Thailand.

DSC06477 (1280x853) Loved this place.

We are in the jungle. Seriously.

DSC06475 (1280x853)

DSC06454 (1280x853)DSC06430 (1280x853)DSC06468 (1280x853)DSC06435 (1280x853)DSC06440 (1280x853)DSC06436 (1280x853)DSC06428 (1280x853)

Want some dinner, little buddy?

DSC06447 (1280x853)

Look, I found a guitar!

DSC06457 (1280x853)

More amazing food….

DSC06464 (1280x853)DSC06462 (1280x853)

Tom Ka …. One of my favorite:

DSC06481 (1280x853)And more Pad Thai!  The thing about these dishes and about culinary experience in Thailand is that every single dish is cooked differently with all slight variances is  flavor and presentation.   I guess this is the beauty of having so many different ingredients, herbs, spices, approaches to all this food.

DSC06484 (1280x853)

The first full day in Thailand, we took a boat trip into the park.   Fascinating lake, fauna and flora to observe.

DSC06500 (1280x853)DSC06522 (1280x853)DSC06526 (1280x853)

Our boat captain!

DSC06524 (1280x853)

Our guide liked to get physical with the local lizards!

DSC06525 (1280x853)

Fish. It’s what is for lunch.  This thing was cooked so perfectly…

DSC06590 (1280x853)

Kayaking.   Sore arms make for good sailors.

DSC06602 (1280x853)

One of the highlights was doing an excursion to a cave.

DSC06539 (1280x853)DSC06541 (1280x853)

It was a splendid day on the lake.  Even got a rainbow on the way back. DSC06569 (1280x853)

DSC06623 (1280x853)

DSC06480 (1280x853)

Things ended well on day two of our trip.   Stay tuned, more sun, more sand, more solitude, more adventure and more mind-blowing culinary experiences in the Land of Smiles to share later.   We haven’t even gotten to a beach yet…

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