Food. Beach. Food. Beach. Food. Beach. Food. Beach. Food. Beach…… Thailand – February 2015 – Part 2 of 5

When you think of South Thailand, you probably think of crystal clear water and beaches of silk-like sand.   Well, that is true.   However, what comes to my mind when I think of Thailand is the food.   As we leave Khao Sok National Park and onto more a “beachy” portion of our trip, it wasn’t just the beach experience and warm waters that blew our mind.  The culinary adventures in Ao Nang and beyond were memories to be reflected on for a lifetime….

DSC06628 (1280x853)DSC06631 (1280x853)Let’s take a closer look at this dish….

DSC06632 (1280x853)My taste buds are melting.  I forget what you call this plate, but it was intense….

Ao Nang is pretty much tourist central, but it is a great central place to skirt off to other places from.  Lots of tour operators and places that have basic supply needs for travelers.  As soon as hitting this tiny town, we were off to Railay beach.   Many rock climbers gather here to scale the walls.  We were here for the beach and chillax Rasta-Thai vibe.  Here is one of the famous limestone crags:

DSC06643 (1280x853)

The Thai Armada is up and ready!!!!

DSC06642 (1280x853)Dig this sunset:

DSC06659 (1280x853)More food:

DSC06636 (1280x853)More food:

DSC06637 (1280x853)I mean seriously, I can’t get enough food around here.  It is just so damn good.

DSC06667 (1280x853)

After good food like this, there is nothing like relaxing on the beach.   We took a longtail boat out to Poda Island to enjoy a day under the sun for fun.   It was an intense experience and got sunburns to remember it all.

DSC06670 (1280x853)

I mean just look at this water.  Just look at how clear this water is?!?!?!

DSC06673 (853x1280)DSC06677 (853x1280)DSC06688 (1280x853)DSC06690 (1280x853)Found our spot to hang out on the beach at…. Setting up fort….

DSC06692 (1280x853)Check out the jungle behind us….

DSC06689 (1280x853)It was a happy day….

DSC06700 (1280x853)Look at this amazing woman I found hanging out in the water….

DSC06711 (1280x853)

After hitting the beach it was time to nourish ourselves with more Thai food.  What better way to do this than to go back to the number one rated venue in all of Ao Nang?  Starters please.   Fried seafood cakes and spring roles.  These things tasted like heaven….

DSC06733 (1280x853)DSC06734 (1280x853)

Now onto the main course… Check out this fish.   It was in a spicy lemon sauce.  So succulent.  We ate at the Ton Ma Yom restaurant about four meals in a row.  It was incredible.   Every dished served was just splendid.  Can’t wait to get back there someday.

DSC06664 (1280x853)Let’s look at another angle…

DSC06663 (1280x853)

You can never go wrong with a good curry:

DSC06736 (1280x853)

And we’ll get some more curry please…

DSC06737 (1280x853)And that Tom Yum Ka soup please:

DSC06740 (1280x853)


What can I say so far about this trip?   The beaches are insanely awesome and our mouths have been f$%ked by amazing food.   In part 3 of this trip we will journey onto Koh Jum Island, south of Krabi, where we get lost in total isolation and immersion into untouched island culture.   Can anyone say “I hate tourists!” at the top of their lungs?   I can and we find the perfect place to break free from all the modern day madness.   Stay tuned…..


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