Ko Jum – Where Reality Actually Meets Dream Expectation – Thailand – 2015 – Part 3 of 5

You know those travel brochures, pamphlets or adverts that give you the idea that you will be alone on a beach, stretching out in a hammock or immersed with nature in crystal clear blue-tinted waters?   I have always hated bullshit hype about places we all are sold to visit.   Many of them turn out to be exaggerated and on numerous trips through the years I have been let down by the expectations of what has been advertised as to what is actually true.    Well, I have a confession to make.   That place I described above IS real.   It is on the island of Ko Jum in the Krabi Province of Thailand.   THIS PLACE IS HEAVEN.   I have one word.  GO.

DSC06756 (1280x853)Okay.  So here you can get a beach to yourself.  I mean, REALLY REALLY REALLY to yourself.

DSC06757 (1280x853)

Ko Jum is a really homely and free island.  I felt perfect here.   You just are just completely disconnected from the reality march here.   No city, no trains, no cars, no people, just no bullshit.  This is an intense place.   I actually feel really bad for writing about this place up here because I DON’T WANT IT TO BE DISCOVERED or TAINTED WITH.DSC06758 (1280x853)

DSC06765 (1280x853)Somebody is happy.

DSC06753 (853x1280)

So….  The thing you need to know about this place is that you need to pack your items you need knowing that you have zero access to a store or even a tiny little market.  We walked an hour in search of beer in the little muslim town that sits inland.   Pack liquor.  Pack sunscreen.  Pack snacks.   None of that stuff is available out here without a seriously long hike.

DSC06779 (1280x853)Here is the town….   Interesting place here.   No beer.   No alcohol.   But you can get a haircut!!!!  🙂

DSC06769 (1280x853)

Very chill vibe out here.

DSC06773 (1280x853)DSC06774 (1280x853)DSC06777 (1280x853)This little kid was addorable….

DSC06776 (1280x853)Okay… it is time to eat.  Can’t even begin to tell you how amazing the food is at Oonlee….  Thank you Valerie!   Keep up your high standards!

DSC06868 (1280x853)DSC06867 (1280x853)DSC06749 (1280x853)DSC06750 (1280x853)I mean is this guy happy or what?

DSC06754 (1280x853)


It is time for a kayak trip to find an even more perfect beach that is far from the perfect beach we are already at….

DSC06822 (1280x853)DSC06829 (1280x853)

I mean just look at this place.

DSC06826 (1280x853)

Kayaking is a great workout.   DSC06836 (1280x853)

Let’s take another look at that water.  I mean…. really…. REALLY….

DSC06817 (1280x853)


What do you do after a long day kayaking????    Yea.  Hammock time….


DSC06846 (1280x853)

And more food…..

DSC06809 (1280x853)


All the world’s problems can be solved with nutela, crepes and fried bananas:


DSC06810 (1280x853)


Like seriously a good breakfast….

DSC06812 (1280x853)

Oh so good….  I can’t get enough Thai food….

DSC06848 (1280x853)DSC06853 (1280x853)DSC06856 (1280x853)

Let’s talk about sunsets.   Never mind.  No talking.  Just show.   Here we go.   DSC06784 (1280x853)DSC06787 (1280x853)DSC06790 (1280x853)

Going…. going… going…. gone.  DSC06798 (1280x853)

Time to leave this island paradise and explore more.   In the next post we will discover Koh Lanta and more adventures under clear blue skies and sand between our toes…..   Get out there and keep exploring, keep seeking.  Cheers to all of y’all.   On that note, all explores need rest.   Let’s give it thirty minutes and let it sink in….

DSC06858 (1280x853)


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