Ko Lanta – It’s Simply Chillax – Thailand- 2015 – Part 4 of 5

After pounding the people-free sands of Koh Jum, kayaking to distant isolated beaches and wandering dirt roads in search of supplies and drink; it was time to set sail south to the more civilized island of Ko Lanta. This escapist’s dream is the mellow sweet baby of Thailand. It is not incredibly busy like Phuket but it effectively caters to tourists’ needs and explorers in search of that ideal relaxing paradise.

DSC06936 (1280x853)

Living in Shanghai (the largest city in the world), my intention for our trip was to get away from the buzz of any sort of urban center. I must say that was accomplished here. Our first night’s stay was at a place called Relax Bay.   It certainly was.

DSC06906 (1280x853)

Seriously hungry and dry….  But just look at this view.  I mean… REALLY… DSC06900 (1280x853)

After many days of authentic Thai food, it was time to take a break and settle on a burger.   To my surprise, it was actually incredibly perfect.

DSC06907 (1280x853)

You still need Thai food to go with that… DSC06909 (1280x853)Dem Belly Full but We Hungry.

DSC06917 (1280x853)

Okay…  I’ll have another… DSC06902 (853x1280)And another for her too… DSC06903 (853x1280)

Beach exploration….  Someone is happy!

DSC06939 (1280x853)

More evenings of perfect sunsets.

DSC06916 (1280x853)

Relax don’t do it.   I mean, is this a dog’s life or what?  DSC06933 (1280x853)DSC06934 (1280x853)

By longboat. It is the only way to travel around these parts.  Hopefully, when the tide comes in we’ll be able to move these boats.   #SimpleProblemsDSC06944 (1280x853)

So we rented a motorbike from our next bungalow and got to explore the island in a more intimate manner.   Driving on these hilly roads is incredibly exhilarating and this isn’t the danger zone like big city Bangkok or Shanghai.   I do encourage anyone that rents a motorbike to use caution and always wear a helmet. Most importantly…. Always THINK LEFT.DSC06964 (1280x853)DSC06966 (1280x853)

Who is command of this operation?DSC06972 (1280x853)

This place is Beautiful Restaurant.   It has five tables that sit out onto the ocean.   I can’t say there is anything wrong with this view.DSC06951 (1280x853)

Many people just stay the beach for their vacation but I would urge everyone that goes to Ko Lanta to go to Old Town Lanta.   They have some great little mom and pop shops.  They have a great little leather shop in Old Town Lanta.  Highly recommend!

Aimee loves her new feather earrings.DSC06954 (1280x853)

Over lunch, I plan and strategize about how we are going to conquer this island.DSC06955 (1280x853)

Back to Thai food porn:DSC06959 (1280x853)DSC06958 (1280x853)DSC06957 (1280x853)

View from the bungalow.   I’m not telling you guys where it is because I want it all to myself next time.DSC06963 (1280x853)

Uh-Oh! What do we have here blocking the road???DSC06973 (1280x853)

What a beautiful beast….DSC06975 (1280x853)DSC06982 (1280x853)

It is lunch time.

DSC06979 (1280x853)

After a long day of exploration, it is time to enjoy another beach.

DSC06984 (1280x853)

In the next post we’ll discuss Thai massages, more beaches, more food porn and more adventures in Ko Lanta.   Thanks for reading and stay tuned.  Keep wondering.  Keep wandering.

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