Burgers and Sunshine – In-N-Out Opens a Franchise in China!!!! YES!!!

In N Out in China!!!!!!   Woot Woot! HELL YES! Double-Double Animal Style please…


Okay okay okay… So it isn’t actually In N’ Out. However, what I found is pretty close.   It is called Caliburger. God bless the Chinese for their ability to reverse engineer a product and replicate it for a SERIOUSLY HUGE market that is craving for authentic and unique Western culinary options.   Yea. Dig this. It is almost as good as In-N-Out.

Speaking of burgers and although we are out here in the Far East, there are some decent burgers in Shanghai.   Beef and Liberty is my go-to top end burger.   You also have Gourmet Burger. Malone’s was decent, depending on the chef on shift, but it is closed now actually. Blue Dog is alright. There are a plethora that cater to the expat crowd and the culinary challenged Chinese. On the lower end of the spectrum you have Carl’s Jr. locations throughout Shanghai.   I’m not a huge fan of American fast-food (except In N Out and handful of other exceptional experiences).   However, I do admit I have caved into the ease of Carl’s Jr. a few times during my Shanghai residency thus-far.   It’s quick, it is easy and it is much better than that McD and BK.   Both of these are extremely common in Shanghai (sadly) and I don’t go to these chains.

Getting back to Caliburger, they seriously just lifted the entire In-N-Out package.  Right down to the logo.


What they DON’T have is John 3:16 on the bottom of the cups!


They replicate the style of delivery,  the hats, the sauce,  the bobby pins, the cook after you order it approach,  logos, everything.   Really crazy.   I’m totally curious what In-N-Outs take is on this.   Maybe they have an operation in this….   I doubt it but the thought does cross my mind.

Walking is important after a good meal.  Spring is a great time for exploring the city.   The sound of heels.   The skirts are getting shorter.   Layers of clothes are coming off.   I love this town in the spring.   Sometimes we have nice cool weather, sometimes sunshine.   Sometimes rain.  I have to say in the last week, we have had some of the most spectacular days that I have experienced for over a year in Shanghai.  WE ARE GRATEFUL!   20150512_11042420150512_125320_resized

It is a fine time to hike the city and find new foods to try.

DSC07265 (1280x853)DSC07253 (1280x853)

Check out this delicious Hong Kong snack.   It is like a waffle we might eat back in the States but exceptionally sweeter batter.   Yummy afternoon delight.  Goes well with ice cream.

DSC07277 (1280x853)

Dogs are getting out there too…  Love the dogs of Shanghai.  DSC07269 (1280x853)DSC07268 (1280x853)DSC07274 (1280x853)DSC07312 (1280x853)

Look, after burgers and sunshine we actually found live music in the park.  I am sure the setlist was properly approved by the CCP.

DSC07313 (1280x853)

Parks… just have to love Chinese Parks and the crazy art installations.   Good stuff.

DSC07285 (853x1280)DSC07291 (1280x853)DSC07292 (1280x853)

Look at this huge guy I found perched in front of the Shanghai Museum of Natural History.   This things is made of straw.  Bird made it into their own habitat.   How cool.

DSC07298 (1280x853)

Let’s get back to corporate chains.   Here is how I feel about one of them.   Who drinks this overpriced piss-water anyway????  Let’s just say Ross hasn’t lost a bit of touch and class…..  even in China.      Until next time.   Safe travels.  Stay vigilant.  DSC07262 (853x1280)

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