Half a Kilometer in the Sky – Atop the Shanghai World Financial Center

The viewing deck of the Shanghai World Financial Center is the third highest viewing platform (from a man-made structure) in the world.   The Canton town in Guangzhou, China and the Burj Khalifa in Dubai are the higher ones.  It is quite a mesmerizing, and slightly dizzying, experience looking down on one of the most populated cities on Earth.    Very cool.   For anyone visiting Shanghai, a trip to the top is a must-do experience.


Here is the Shanghai Tower which I believe will open sometime soon.


Very interesting architecture.


A friendly reminder for tourists and those living  in Shanghai.  You can go for free on your birthday.  Nice deal!  Happy birthday Aimeerock!  Just make sure you bring your passport or some sort of id card as they are serious about checking.   The place has a really cool vibe inside, very futuristic.  There is model display of Shanghai in the entryway and it shows the light of Shanghai as the day and night progress.   Next, you go into a theater where they show a short film on Shanghai.   Up the elevator we go to almost 500 meters.

Once on the top floor, there is a viewing platform (not open air, but all enclosed).


So high up here watching everyone back on Earth going about their day.


Don’t fall through the glass!  DSC08067



Oh, come on, kiss me…. DSC08089DSC08087

It is time to head back down to the ground.

Here are some views from the Bund.   It is a stunning skyline at all times, but particularly at night.


I would highly recommend a visit to the top of the Shanghai World Financial Center.  You won’t be disappointed!  Into the Shanghai night we go!  DSC08197

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