A Motorbike Around Lake Erhai in the Yunnan Province of China

Dali, in the Central-Western Yunnan province of the PRC is an incredibly relaxing place – an ideal location to unwind for a few days. The town is sandwiched in between the Erhai Lake (means ear in Chinese as the lake is shaped like an ear) and the Cang Shan mountain range, providing a picturesque scene of both mountains and lake. Everywhere you turn there is a spectacular view. The actual old town of Dali is not the big attraction here (for me, anyway). It is the little villages, roads and opportunities to explore that makes this place great. Winter is also the ideal time to visit as the crowds are few and the weather is crisp, dry and clear blue skies. I highly recommend a motorbike tour around Lake Erhai. You can also hike to the top of some of the peaks of the Cang Shan mountains. Most importantly, this is a place to really feel the local vibe and go slow. Everything is slow-paced, care-free and friendly here.

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After landing in Kunming, we traveled from the “city of eternal spring” by bus to Dali proper.   There, we were picked up by our kind hosts and checked into the Wamaoyun Sea View Courtyard Inn.   This location is in the town of Yinqiao about 15 or so kilometers north of Dali proper.  I highly recommend this place as the service and the view right off of the water was beyond exceptional. Just a few shots from around the place.

If you are interested in staying here in your travels, please check out the details through my Tripadvisor page, click here.

Breakfast was outstanding.  We witnessed a perfect view of the lake and met the sun every morning to warm us up.

Who wants to go for a bike ride around the lake?  THIS GUY!



There is so much intense scenery around the lake.  We cruised through little villages and observing the slow life of rural China.

Fishing is a way of life here.  Fascinating to watch the fisherman at work.

Birds are getting a piece of the action too.

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Keep riding! DSC08374DSC08358DSC08932


DSC08577Tie your shoe Ross!!!! DSC08487These guys have been following me forever!


The road ahead! DSC08292

Since we were staying on the eastern side of the lake we had the most spectacular sunrises.


This was an awesome day of adventure!  Stay tuned for a visit to Dali Old Town and getting more into the local culture and history of these kind people.

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One thought on “A Motorbike Around Lake Erhai in the Yunnan Province of China

  1. Looks amazing! Do you have any advice regarding public transport in Yunnan province? I’m hoping to visit this summer but will be restricted to buses/ trains, which I’ve heard mixed reviews about for Yunnan :/ Also, if you had a week to see the highlights of the province, what would you see – I’m currently thinking Kunming, Dali and Lijiang, but it would be great to get out of the cities more, e.g. to the mountains and lakes.


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