Dali Old Town- A Chillax Life in the Yunnan Province of China

Dali Old Town is a fine choice of a get-away to chillax for a few days.  I could imagine myself staying here for a week.  After a nice bike ride around Lake Erhai, it was time to explore old Dali Town.   The old part of Dali is a bit touristy but it has a relaxing charm and a contagious easy-going vibe.


Our first stop was the “Three Pagodas”.  These are the oldest standing structures in the southwest of China.  They were originally erected in the 9th Century.  I found the attraction a bit overpriced as you cannot actually go in to climb up the pagodas; they were still spectacular to look at from the outside.

Dali is famous for it’s marble rocks and printed cotton and silk.  Lots of shopping opportunities in the center of town.  It is a very vibrant place.  The markets are plentiful.

DSC08495DSC08494DSC08493DSC08492DSC08496We found the most amazing Korean place for lunch.  They had fried Korean chicken that tasted better than any that I have eaten in the big cities.   Amazing!  Aimee was happy!


DSC08767 DSC08766DSC08779DSC08783DSC08782

Dali seems to be the fashion capitol of Yunnan.  Trying out the latest in Southwestern China fashions.


More market perusing.


Dogs are huge around these parts.  (Okay no, Chinese eat dog jokes please)….  So many friendly dogs.  Reminded me of Argentina.

This guy can really play the strings….

DSC08878 DSC08877

The two local museums had incredibly interesting displays of artifacts.   Many of these pieces are more than a thousand  years old.   Obviously, the rocks are even older. 🙂

Aimee and I had some fun with the blow up display of the area in the museum. DSC08831DSC08845

Ross found his partner.


Dali was an exceptional three days of food, culture, history, shopping, mellow exploring and good vibes.   The journey continues north…….





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