Dr. Ho Shi Xiu – A Master of Chinese Herbal Medicine

On the last day of our trip to the Yunnan Province, we took a visit to the small town of Baisha.  It lies about 30 clicks north of Lijiang on the road heading towards Jade Dragon Snow Mountain.   This is the home of Dr. Ho Shi Xiu, a world renowned herbalist and Chinese medicinal doctor.     At 94 years young, he has spent his life to study what positive effects local flora / herbs have on various medical conditions.  He has been featured magazines, news features, in medical journals and praised around the world for helping to solve specific medical conditions among many that Western medicine had not been able to solve.  More importantly than all that, he is a really friendly dude and can talk up a storm forever.


Dr. Ho’s son and Dr. Ho’s wife, 93 years old.  We practiced English and she can speak pretty good!


His son, also a Dr. and expert on the herbs, gave us a personal tour through his collection of plants and herbs.   So many people from around the world have been here and it was amazing to see their mark on Dr. Ho’s place.

While we were in Baisha, we checked out the town’s palaces.  Some of which have some very old frescos that took many years to make.

Go bulldogs!

Well, this is a contradiction!


One last fine dinner in town and it is time to head home…

They really pack them in on the Chinese trains….


Until the next adventure…

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