The Kaiseki Experience – Japanese Cuisine at its Finest

When most people think of Japanese food; typically sushi, tempura, yakitori, soba or udon noodles come to mind.   What most folks don’t normally get the opportunity to try is kaiseki.   It isn’t just a lunch or a dinner to be quickly feasted and rushed through.  It is an experience where each dish is meticulously presented in a (typically) garden type setting.  The atmosphere, dishes, service, ambience… all of these elements are focused to go into this fantastic culinary trip.   It is typically regarded as the pinnacle of Japanese cuisine.   On a day trip to Kurama from Kyoto, we had the opportunity to experience this.   My taste buds miss Japan!


Nothing beats just eating down at the river and getting your feet wet and cool.


Assaulted by so many unique tastes!

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