The Streets of Hanoi

As an American in Hanoi, I find myself close to a strange feeling.  It is consumed with  discovery, acceptance, realization, life, vitalization.   The American War and the French War and even Chinese invasions in Vietnam have huge affects on the populace and the common psyche of the Vietnamese and the visitors that come here.   What I can say from my personal observations is that Hanoi is a city that thrives on LIFE.   We will get to some more details of Hanoi and it is history and some travels around Hanoi in another post, but what I want to realize is that people survive, people change, people grow and develop.  I believe Hanoi encapsulates that spirit in the most extreme way and has overcome a very challenging and difficult past.   This is a city still without an underground or above ground metro station.  Bikes swarm like bees in a hive.   The food is everything I imagined it would be and more.  The visuals, sounds, tastes and architecture are permanently memorable.  The fusion of French and Asian cannot go unnoticed and this brings us to an incredibly intense experience.  If you are ever in Hanoi, do not miss the water puppet theater.  More on this later….

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