Hoa Lo Prison (aka The Hanoi Hilton)

I would like readers to approach this post with an open mind into history and understanding.  Many suffered during the American / Vietnam War as well as the French atrocities way before the Americans got involved and also wars in the distant past with Chinese invaders and even wars as recently as the 1970s and 1980s as related to the regime in Cambodia and also conflicts with Thailand.    This is a very complicated subject matter and we must leave our patriotism and ego at the door when viewing and beginning to understand such matters.   The Vietnamese people have overcome and it is a thriving country now.   It takes more than headlines or paint-brushed strokes about the American / Vietnam War to understand history and its ramifications.

I failed to recover John McCain’s flight suit.  However, I did leave with an understanding that has fostered some growth and understanding in the Vietnamese conflict with both the Americans and the French.   Remember one thing before you look at the pictures = this prison was built, planned, and executed (no pun intended because they actually used the guillotine on the Vietnamese people…) by French colonialists.  Now, I do not say that without a heavy heart as the French gave us what we call “democracy”…   Please view pictures with and open mind and positive attitude.

Next we will discuss the War museum, the Ho Chi Min trail and getting out to Halong bay.  Stay tuned!




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