Sailing Halong Bay – The Ultimate Detachment from the Real World

Kayaking, swimming, toes in the sand, hiking, exploring island and chillaxing on beautiful dry nights on the Pacific Ocean.  No,  cannot complain.  In legend, the Vietnamese call these karsts coming out of the water an ancient dragon.   These limestone peaks that have been degraded over millions of years by erosion from the tides, wind and rain are fascinating to see in person.  Pictures do not quite capture the awe. The following is an attempt….



Setting out from Hanoi, we headed eastward to get on our 2 night, 3 day cruise.   We actually sailed to the far eastern part of the bay and is less touristy.  Our crew was attentive to every detail and the boat staff I believe equaled the number of passengers (ten).

Here is our boat!


Captain Aimee!


Beaches.   Isolation.  Peace.   Away. Out of touch with the world but actually so deep into life.


Our guides made a BBQ and enjoying the water.



Kayaking is the best!  It is sort of like fjords in Norway, but much warmer where you can jump in the water!


Vietnamese cuisine is one of my favorites in the world.  On the boat, we learned how to properly make spring roles.


Part of our tour was to an old school fishing village.  It literally had a school set up on the water.   This is an amazing place where families live on the boats or on the water in floating house.   Just fascinating.

One industry out here that is huge besides actual tourism, is making pearls. It is fascinating to watch these guys develop pearls from sealed oysters and learn about the process that it takes to create a nice pearl.

The Food was spectacular!   Here we are with the head chef.   These are not models.  They are made from carved and cut fruit.  Amazing!    True masterpieces of culinary art.




Hiking Caves at sunset.  This was a trip!

Cannot wait to get back to Vietnam at some point in the next year or few.   This place is awesome and it should be enjoyed before it is spoiled by western interests.





More explorations and adventures forthcoming.  Stay tuned and stay engaged!


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