Hong Kong – A Perfect Balance of City and Outdoors

In all my travels over the last three years to Hong Kong, the single thing that excites me about the city the most (arguably second to the food) is the incredible proximity to great hiking and other outdoor activities.  As one of the trade and financial centers of the world, someone who as never been would not think about this at first.   I’ve done many spectacular hikes in my life and I must say that Hong Kong provides some great opportunities.  In addition, this unique city is an insanely eclectic mix of East and West, both on a social and culinary level.

Some highlights that I would certainly not miss when visiting Hong Kong:

  • Victoria Peak – Yes it is touristy.  Yes it is packed with people queued in lines like Disneyland.  No, do not buy any crap tourist trinkets at the top.   However, the view is spectacular and it is worth the wait.   The tram ride is pretty fun too.
  • Taking the Star Ferry across Victoria Harbor.  It is cheap and fun.
  • The Tsim Sha Tsui East Promenade on the Kowloon shore has a fantastic arts park and just is a great area for people watching and chilling.  Walk a little further north and you will be in an epic shopping district.
  • Don’t miss The Hong Kong Museum of History.  First off, it is free.  Secondly, the government put a whole lot of work and love into this place.  Some fascinating exhibits.
  • My favorite experience of Hong Kong must be hiking Dragon’s Back.  It is an easy hike, easy to get to and with stunning views.  Google it on how to get there and when to go.
  • Dim Sum!  You have to have Cantonese Dim Sum!
  • New Years Eve in Hong Kong.  It is madness. It is chaos.  It is way too many people in one area, but it is damn fun.  Happy 2017 and cheers to many more good years!

Here are a few photos from our trip:


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