Chinese New Year in Xi’An

Chinese New Year is a big deal around the world.   It is especially huge in the ancient capitol of Xi’an where the formation of China dates back to 238 B.C.   Modern-day strobe lights, synchronized water fountains and all forms of superficial tourism with strokes of KFC, Starbucks and McDonald’s have taken the lead stride.  However, with all the modern technology, social media, camera phones, plastic and neon that could arguably equate itself to an entire district of Las Vegas; there still is a tradition and feeling here that digs deep into old China.   You can feel the vibe in the older and narrower streets of town.  Especially around the Muslim Quarter.   It is the year of the dog and we are here to celebrate it.

Year of the Dog
Year of the Dog.
It’s not Year of the Dragon.

This is the second most famous wall in China after the Great Wall.   The Ming-era walls that surround the city center remain mostly intact.   And they are huge.   Maybe Donald Trump’s team should consult the Chinese about walls.

The Wall!
Celebratory setup for CNY!
The DOG!

All in all, it’s just another brick in the wall.

It’s just another brick in the wall.
Lunch time!

Every night at 2030,  they do this huge show in front of the large pagoda in town.   These waterworks are like half a kilometer long.  It is HUGE.   Pictures don’t really do it justice but here are some scenes from our evening spectacle:

Xi’an is a magical city full of history and culture.   A way different old school vibe than out here in the skyscraper land of Shanghai……  Boy, was it crowded but we found our little pockets of isolation to enjoy….

We had the pleasure of staying at the Hantang House.    It is the number one place recommended on Tripadvisor and they were simply fun and a pleasure to stay with.  It is very western friendly and helpful to every detail.    The beds are perhaps one of the best I’ve slept in China in a hotel.   Super comfortable!   Games at night and all kinds of travelers to meet from all corners of the world.   If you are going to Xi’an, I can’t stress enough;  please stay at the Hantang House.   We had a private room, but they also have shared dorm areas.   The food was good for what I expected in Xi’an with incredibly limited Western options.   We aren’t here to eat Western food.  We’ll get to some incredible food experiences in the next post……


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