Tokyo – My Favorite Big City

There is something magical about Tokyo.   There is no other place like it in the world.   It is like a large city but completely on steroids.   Insane shopping, music shops, DVD shops, love hotels, weird cafes with robots and owls….   It just doesn’t get more trippy than Tokyo.

What is going on here?
Clean Tokyo!

Check out these guitar stores!

This is true.

No Music.  No Life.


Get out there!

Mother Hips Representation.

Cars!   Look at the Rolls Royce!

The food!

Food was insane!

I ran into Ron Jeremy!

Ron Jermey is on the Old Lady!
Night markets!
In Bloom

Food!!!!  The seafood markets are insane!






Naked Trump!

Tokyo is so clean and the people are some of the friendliest I have met in my travels in Asia.   They all dress well and proper and are respectful and kind.   There is no trash on the ground like China, Thailand or the Philippines.   They actually have the biggest record store in the world in Tokyo.   Yes, Tower Records still exists.  Seven floors of music.  It was a trip.  I cannot wait to come back to Tokyo!





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