Live Review ::: John Carroll + Ross GB @ Loopy, Hangzhou (Thursday 31st May)

Review of last Thursday’s show in Hangzhou. Great to share the stage with you John!

The Sound of Fighting Dogs

JC TOUR,jpgFirst up we have a performer we’ve never come across. We’re glad we stumbled upon him tonight. Originally from the US and now living in Shanghai, Ross GB kicks off the evening’s musical proceedings. Armed with guitar, pedals and a good voice to boot we’re treated to a set of songs catchy enough to leave us wanting more. Ross GB’s influences are not immediately obvious. So we’d assume they must be wide-ranging. An interesting artist. Find him on Bandcamp here.

Given the fact he’s been traveling all around China on the weekends and this is his final spring tour date you’d be forgiven for assuming John Carroll would be a little worn out from the road. But he emerges seeming as energized as ever, a lean, mean songwriting machine. Opening with ‘Gravedigger’, it’s immediately obvious the constant gigging has made him very much on top of his game –…

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