Visions of Bali -Exploring Canggu

Bali has it all.  This quintessential island experience has something for everyone.  Although the island is a province of Indonesia, which is the largest Muslim country in the world (by population), the culture here is incredibly different from mainland Indonesia.

Most local residents on Bali are Hindi Balinese.  Please note the culture is very different that that of Indian Hindi.  In my travels all over Asia in the last four and half years, the kindest people I have met were from Bali.   Service was exceptional and everyone was helpful.

Our first stop was Canggu.   This is to the north of the city central area.  It is known for it’s surfing culture as well as many hundreds of fine restaurants and bars.   There are many wonderful places to stay.   My personal recommendation is the Theanna Eco Villa Hotel in Canggu.   Here is my Tripadvisor review.   Best Stay in Canggu.  It is the number one rated place to stay in Canggu on Tripadvisor.    Here are a few pictures from our adventures in Canggu.   Next up…..  Ubud.   It’s a totally different scene.  But very very cool and absolutely stunning.


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