Seoul, Korea – A Merger of Ancient and Future

It has been eighteen years since I first visited Seoul, Korea.   Boy, how things have changed.  This eclectic city-scape is a unique blend of high tech and low tech.   Ancient temples, historical sites, K-Pop, neon lights, amazing food, endless markets and street stalls…. this place has it all.  Our six days in Seoul were a small taste of this thriving metropolis.

Incheon Airport is a short train or bus ride away.
Landed baby!

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Food is the best part of the trip!  We love Korean food!

Our house was really nice, traditional and centrally located.  I recommend staying here.



Ross busy planning the days ahead….


The city comes alive at nighttime!  oznorsdrsdrsdrsdrcofsdrsdrsdrsdrsdr

The black helicopters are real…..  Just sayin’.

More food!!!!!   Yes!!!!

This is one of the largest and oldest all women’s colleges in all of Asia.

Korean Weirdness….




Top views of the city!

More food please!

Just in case those pesky North Koreans do anything mean……





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