The First of Four New Albums

Hello family, friends, fans!  I’d like to take the time to announce the new album.


Culminating over a period of 20 years, these songs focus on periods of my work as a singer-songwriter.  There aren’t any “band” recordings per-say on this album.  The tracks were written and recorded all around the world, mostly all unpolished and taken in raw takes.   There is nothing previously released on this album. Most of the numbers were recorded on a Tascam MK-424 4 track cassette recorder.  This album focuses on the songs and performance themselves, not necessarily the quality of recording.  No editing was done to the original recordings.   They are very stripped down.  A handful of songs have electric guitar overdubs.  If you wish to listen to my polished songs, please check out my other solo recordings or band records.    These are all culminated from the master takes and as the original mix; so, there may be some fluctuations of quality from track to track.   I hope you enjoy these songs as much as I had reflecting on the life, dreams and memories of moments captured in the past.  Realize the core of their intent, their inspiration and perhaps they can move you in some way.   To keep things fresh on this recording (fresh to me anyway, not fresh to 99% those that have never heard the other songs before); I included three tracks that I have loved playing live over the last five years in The Peoples Republic of China.   If you have heard these songs before in the context of Asopriam, other bands or other past solo performances, I hope you can appreciate the fresh approaches to these songs.  Like a fine wine, they grow over time.  

This year has been a very exciting one.   Maybe with looking back at 20 years since my Citadel graduation, reflections on traveling the world, new guitars, new sounds, new approaches, meeting and working with international musicians in Shanghai, it has vested a new vibrancy.  There will be other not 1, not 2, but 3 other releases this year that explore different genres of music and expression.   Most of the work has been done and is the editing and post-production phase. I plan to roll them out slowly over the next few months.   Keep in touch and keep up with the latest news at

BOXES OF CLOTHES AND LOVE LETTERS – A CASUAL COLLECTION OF THE RARE AND UNRELEASED – 1999 – 2019 will be digitally released on May 14th, 2019 on iTunes, Amazon, CDBaby, Bandcamp and most other reputable international music distributors everywhere across the globe.   

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