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 I am currently working on several projects in Shanghai that will FINALLY see their potential realized in the next six months….  However; currently, I am excited to release some of my favorite songs that can finally see the light of day.   These songs were recorded over 20 years.  Some of them are just solo demos; a few of them them are works recorded with other artists.   There are timing mistakes.  There are some bad or off notes.   The songs are recorded raw at their time and not planned for any sort of intent of mass successful commercial release.  That is the way I like my music. Unpolished and honest.  Regardless, this collection of songs is a document and the songs are about the love of the music.    All of them, however, were incredibly poignant in their time and place.   This is not an all-encompassing representation of my work…… just some rare gems that I’m happy to share with the world.   I hope you enjoy them as much as I have had going through hundreds of hours of tape and putting this compilation together.  

Here is a little bit about each track, reflecting on a personal level. 

1. Toes.   This song was recorded at my home studio in Jing’an, Shanghai, Peoples Republic of China this past month (April 2019).    Originally, this song was released on an old Asopriam album way back in 1999 but it has sort of found a new life in recent live performances.  It has changed significantly since it’s original release; turning more into a canvas for myself and other musicians to jam over.   The track is recorded live into a Tascam MK424 4-track recorder via 2 AKG Condenser mics with my Eastman 486Bigsby guitar, a line 6 DL4 looper and a small Vox amplifier.    That’s it.  One take.   No overdubs.  

2.  Celebrate.  I recorded this song in Enid, Oklahoma.  This was a very tense personal time for me and going through some life-changing decisions and transitions.   You know the sun won’t go away and leave you to yourself.   Release yourself into the air and celebrate what’s inside.

3. Drop.  This track would eventually make it onto the Asopriam album WARNINGS in 2004 with the talent and production of my songwriting partner, guitarist, brother in arms Bret Wice.  However this is the original demo  I recorded for the tune.   The track was written in Texas in 1999 in a hour in a hotel room while waiting for my eyes to get tested for United States Air Force pilot training.  

4. Green Street.   I recorded this demo in Enid, Oklahoma in 2000 while missing my girlfriend at the time.  As it was kind of out of place with other projects going on at the time, it did not make it onto any other later albums by Asopriam or myself.   The song still somehow resonates with me and I think the lyrics and timber reflect on an innocent time when we fell in love without conscience or expectations or regards for others.  

5. Who’s the Man.  My life changed in very weird ways (weird as in good) when I decided to quit pilot training.   This was recorded a day or two after I resigned  from pilot training.  There are some audio errors and blank space for a few seconds but this track represents everything I felt at the time.  To me it represents honesty to oneself.   There is some bad timing and it is not perfect on a technical level; but it is perfect on a song level for me. Listen for the T-38 trainer jet was flying over my house.   That is around the the 5:00 time mark. 

6.  SunTea Too – This was just a fun jam that never fit onto any of my other records or Asopriam material.   Recorded using my mom’s 1970something Yamaha and a few overdubs with my old black Gibson 335 hollowbody.. 

7. Mariposa (Got to Get Back Home)  – Well…. Basically just thinking about home.  This is an alternative take on track originally released on The Winter Sessions way back in 1999.  My favorite part is the uplifting change around 2:30.   I really did not know what I was doing at the time….  I believe this song was a single take.  It has never been performed live.  Oh.  She is my butterfly………  Under California sky….. 

8.  We All Know Where You are Going – Song was played / written / recorded on a 12 string Fender back in 2001.   It went through several changes but eventually was scrapped for any album release. I love the energy of this song. 

9. I Don’t Know (But We Have Got to Believe)  – Another track that never made it onto album….   It just resonates with me.   I wish I could record that reverb again because it is so warm and perfect to me.   There are some things that just come in one take and you cannot repeat or ever successfully try again.  Sometime tape just sounds like magic. 

10.  King’s Men – This song did not make the cut for the Asopriam  Warnings  album; however, it has been played live a few times through the years.

11.  Like Brother Like Fool .    Another track that did not make the Warnings album….. however, I like the changes and it has a nice chorus run. 

12. Hope.  This song is written by myself and Bret M. Wice.  It has been a staple of my live performances for 20 years.  This version was recorded in 2000 with the lovely Latoya Holman sharing vocal duties. 

13. Winter.   This, like Hope, was recorded very late in the evening at a studio in Las Vegas.   Another version of “Winter” was released on the Winter Sessions and also on an Asopriam album, but this performance far exceeds that.   I do not remember or know the names of the musicians that played on this track….. but I believe it is perhaps the most intimate version of “Winter” ever put to tape.   It was just one of those magic moments where everything comes together. Please check out and enjoy til the very end.  

14. Backed Up Feeling.  This song was written by myself and Steve Erickson at a barracks room in The Citadel Zoo Romeo company. Sometime around 1998 or 1999.   This song has been a staple of my live performances.   This version was recorded live in one take in May of 2019.  

15. Closer – This is a song a wrote when I decided to leave pilot training.   I love playing this song live to this day and for over 19 years as people can relate to it in their own way.   The demo was recorded in one take, no overdubs or digital fixing in a my flat in Shanghai, People’s Republic of China, April 2019.

I hope you can enjoy these songs as much as I had making them over the years.   Keep in touch at for the latest news and updates.  

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