Surviving and Thriving the Seattle ‘App-Life’

Look for an announcement before Christmas!

As I begin to write this, we are 15 minutes away from jumping headfirst into the final month of the year that will be written about for ages. 2020 is ending and over the course of the next month(s) I’d like to share some thoughts on where we are at, what we witnessed and learned, where I think we are going and most importantly what do we need to put into action. I see 2020 and subsequently 2021 as years of immense opportunity for personal growth. with these posts I hope you can gather some takeaways from my life experience and I hope you enjoy witnessing the changes and growth we are all experiencing and making positive improvements in yourself and for those around you and the ones you love. For those that know me, I’m sure you are eager to see what new development are thriving. For those of you that are new to this website or came through this through a personal conversation or Amazon recommendation, iTunes download, musical performance or through any interaction of life; I encourage you to explore the rest of the webpage (it’s going through massive changes) Feel free to comment or reach out about anything (This is where my action-item list in regards to THE SEATTLE FREEZE (more on that later) comes into play. For the purposes of posterity and timeliness for these next 7 or so posts, we’ll focus on specific opportunities and tools to THRIVE in Seattle. We will certainly be digging deeper in the coming months on thoughts and ideas and big picture head in the cloud, feet on the ground kind of stuff. There is some wild stuff happening and I’m excited to be cultivating and guiding it. Look for an announcement around the same time the mustang was being painted and tinkered within last minute details for Christmas!…

Big Tech in Seattle is on the cutting edge of some incredible innovation. I see and hear about unique concepts or recently beta tested endeavors every day, as my ear is on the street (almost literally). This is all happening at bafflingly blazing fast speed. Welcome circumstantial and niche markets. There is definitely a resurgence. In many ways, it has a “Brave New World“ kind of feel that’s taking place due to the Geopolitical and economic fallout and pressures driven by reactionary culture to the corona for COVID-19 virus. These are very challenging times for many families numerous folks in numerous numerous industries and the pandemic has been affecting various sectors and strains and veins of society in many different ways. Although these are not quite end of times times, it sure makes for great material.

These are all things that we collectively see. However the only thing we can control ourselves and we can influence our family or friends coworkers are neighbors to do the right thing all the time. Facing problems that we see in this pandemic has given me an opportunity to thrive for solutions. That’s what we do as humans. Let’s find the stories. Over the course of the next four weeks a.k.a. my sort of weird alternative to the 12 days of Christmas we’re going to do a blog the 6 to 6 opportunities to do for yourself and do for others Happy December! Let’s get excited about 2021!
Through the migration of the company and website, you will see updates so please subscribe below and I encourage discussion on the topics below. Survive & Thrive. stay well out there and do good.

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