Wonder East Wander West

Welcome to Wonder East Wander West:

My name is Ross G. Bielanski.   I am a teacher, engineer, producer, coordinator, sorta-blogger (I hate that word), writer, songwriter, guitarist, Earth-lover, hiker, biker, snowboarder, wannabe-novice-surfer, hardcore foodie, avid movie watcher, music collector, concert goer, peace seeker and a generally curious and expressive human being.

ross in china

My explorations and adventures around the globe over the years are a continuous enlightenment process:  I seek to better understand the human spirit (especially my own!) and improve communication (and life!) through our social experience.   I also wish to continue to foster an appreciation of our natural world so we have a clean Planet Earth that we can enjoy together; one that our great-great-great-great-grandchildren will thrive on.   This has been increasingly significantly more important to me as I have traveled over Asia in the last year.


I created this website to be able to better share and organize my thoughts, dreams, ideas, adventures, experiences, music, hopes, fears, photo journals, interesting links or stories and general ramblings about all that is LIFE.   Most of my posts will probably focus on music, travel, hikes, food and other experience related topics.   However, no topic will be off limits and I imagine this thing will be dynamic.   This is how I feel today.  Maybe in the sharing of my journey, you can witness something to improve yours – and vice-verse!   Thank you for taking the time to check out my page.


Although California is my home, I am currently living in Shanghai in The People’s Republic of China.  I have been traveling Asia since January 2013.

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